To Members

Applications for participation in the Association may be submitted by persons whose activities are related to the circulation of payment instruments and the use of technology in the financial services market.
Members of the Association may be Ukrainian and foreign enterprises, institutions, organizations and other persons who recognize the goals and objectives of the Association, take an active part in its activities, implement the Statute of the Association, decisions of the Association, within their competence, transactions between them and the Association, pay membership fees to the Association.

To join the Association, an institution wishing to become a member submits an application for membership in the Association, pays the entrance fee and attaches the following documents:
1. Questionnaire – application of a member of the Association, issued in accordance with Annex №1;
2. Copies of constituent documents (Charter);
3. Copy of the document on state registration (re-registration);
4. Copies: Certificates of the National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets, Licenses of the National Bank of Ukraine for the transfer of funds in national currency, Certificates of the National Bank of Ukraine on the harmonization of payment system rules
5. Minutes of the Meeting on joining the Association and appointment of the authorized person of the institution.

Copies must be certified by the applicant company.

The decision to admit new members to the Association is made by the General Meeting of Members of the Association.
From the moment the relevant decision is made by the General Meeting of the Association, payment of the membership fee and issuance by the President of the relevant certificate of participation in the Association, the candidate becomes a member of the Association. The form of the certificate is determined by the decision of the Presidium.